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We are advocates of the movement towards optimal health by empowering people to be able to directly participate in their own health maintenance, health education and disease prevention.

With focused knowledge, understanding, support and tools that empower you to take an active role in the restoration and maintenance of your own health and wellness you can help your body to be cancer free.

Naturally Cancer Free aims to help cancer patients, their caregivers, their family members, and practitioners to appreciate cancer from a holistic perspective and to learn and understand what alternative and complementary therapies are being used by thousands of people throughout the world.

Your Life, Your Health, Your Choice.

In medical journals there are over one thousand cases reported of people who have been cured from cancer without following conventional medical therapy. Yet nobody does any serious investigation on these people to try to determine what they may have, or have done, in common that helped them to overcome their cancer. It is almost as if the medical industry has no interest or desire in understanding this.

Fortunately many lone researchers have taken steps to try to recognize common patterns amongst people who have been able to cure themselves, and they make this information available to the general public. In addition to this there are committed researchers who also study the approaches of natural therapy and complementary health practitioners who have helped many of these people to heal themselves.

This has given rise to a growing understanding of the anecdotal evidence available today that may not stand the rigidity of scientific scrutiny, but provides an undeniable base of evidence that cancer is able to be cured, and has been cured, by a large number of people who have taken their own health into their own hands and cured themselves.

This has reached a state of awareness that can no longer be conveniently ignored. While it may be an inconvenient-truth for the guardians of the status quo to have to deal with, it is something that the general public increasingly demands to know.

Naturally Cancer Free has grown from being one of those lone researchers, to the realization that an increasing number of people want to know details. Details of what others have done successfully to overcome their own cancer, and where they may be able to get support if they choose to follow a different path from the conventional medical approach as thousands of others have done before them.