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Cancer coaches are usually not doctors or medical professionals. So they cannot and will not give you medical advice. Instead, as a result of their own research, knowledge and understanding they are well positioned to tell you what they would do if diagnosed with cancer.

Many cancer coaches are cancer survivors, or have lost close friends or family members to cancer, or have been touched by the plight of cancer patients. Whatever their motivations they are a worthwhile source of information available for you to tap into to provide you with relevant information to help guide you through your own understanding and healing process.

Generally cancer coaches are passionate about helping others to be successful in overcoming cancer, and they may have access to many people who have healed themselves. They are also able to spend considerably more time helping than your doctor may have available for you.

Graham Player

131203gamgamprofilepicGraham Player is a health and wellness consultant, 30-year health and medical researcher, nutrition specialist advocate, TCM acupuncture practitioner, holistic health practitioner, health and medical author, cancer researcher and coach, and Hung Kuen Chinese martial arts Master. He has a Ph.D. in Health Sciences and a degree in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as a Certificate from T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, Cornell University. He began clinical practice in 1979 and has continued to specialize in Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and energy medicine. He has practiced traditional Chinese medicine in Australia, England and Hong Kong where he has lived since the mid 1980s.

Graham has focused much of his health research since the mid 1980s on the topic of cancer. He has investigated many of the natural health protocols which anecdotally have helped many cancer patients to cure themselves. He has spent many years researching the physiological explanations and available science and studies behind many of the components and methodologies of these protocols, which today are used by many people worldwide.

Graham helps people by providing coaching and education on the various approaches to cancer beyond the contemporary western medical model. He linked together with Bill Henderson from the USA who was perhaps the most well known cancer coach in the world before he passed away in July 2016 aged 84. Bill was recognized in 58 countries as an authority on this subject. Graham was authorized by Bill as a cancer coach of the Bill Henderson Protocol so that the knowledge, education, benefits and support of this protocol, which has already helped thousands of people, could be directly available here in the Asia Pacific region.

Graham is an ideal resource for people to use who have been diagnosed with cancer, or their family and friends, who wish to know what alternative approaches may be available in the world that can enable them to take more of an active role in helping to cure themselves, restoring their own health, and prevention from further problems.

Graham is a best-selling Amazon and internationally recognized author and has created e-books, health websites, videos, online health courses and lectured on health topics. See his books on Amazon – .

Graham’s aim has always been not only to write health books and materials, but to provide something different that is useful, practical and relevant to people seeking to understand their health challenges and who wish to participate in the improvement and maintenance of their own health and wellness.

Graham authors his own magazine, updated daily, called “Cancer – Advances, Knowledge, Integrative & Holistic Treatments” which you can access here –

Some months ago, to minimize my time, I discontinued posting on our “” magazine and changed to posting on our Facebook page. However there are many years of articles on the “” magazine which are all searchable. So they can still be very useful.

Memberships/registrations in recognized professional organizations:

  • Member Hong Kong Chinese Herbalists Association
  • Member Chinese Acupuncture Association of Hong Kong
  • Member of Association of Hong Kong & Kowloon Practitioners of Chinese Medicine
  • Listed Chinese Medicine Practitioner by The Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board of the Chinese Medicine Council of the Hong Kong Government
  • Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency of the Australian Government
  • Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)
  • Member of Royal Society of Medicine (UK)
  • Member American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM)
  • Certificate Plant Based Nutrition – T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, Cornell University
  • Certified Nutritionist, National Academy of Sports Medicine (USA)