Cellect Protocol


I have included this topic because many people have asked me about the Cellect Protocol.

The Cellect Protocol has been developed based on the theory that the body needs to maintain a balance of the correct proportions of elements and minerals in order to remain healthy. The proportions can typically become out of balance for several reasons, including¬†nutritional deficiency, toxic chemicals, and radiation. It is believed that anything which interferes with the body’s electromagnetic fields influences the natural bonding of elements within the cells, and all chemistries within the body. The conclusion of this theory is that all cancers are the result of frequency changes in the electromagnetic fields as a result of incorrect proportions of elements and minerals.

In this regard, cancer is simply the body’s response to a mineral deficiency causing the body to compensate, therefore, providing similar but incorrect material to manufacture amino acids, hormones & chemistries different from normal, which alters the DNA instructions, changing how the cells and chemistries are made, and changing the domino effect of sequences.

So the approach of the Cellect Protocol is to correct the mineral deficiencies, which causes the hormones and amino acids to be manufactured correctly, which then corrects the DNA instructions, causing the body to manufacture normal cells instead of the incorrect cells.

Because of the corrected chemistry – the existing cancer cells and incorrect cells no longer have their previous nutrition available, therefore, they die from their own starvation. The body chemistry eventually breaks them down and disposes of them in a natural manner. Other issues also clear up as a result of the biochemistry correction.

While not everybody may be in agreement with this theory, it has a sound scientific basis and certainly warrants consideration. The product Cellect has been developed to address the imbalance of elements and minerals, to restore natural balance in the body, and to reverse the cancer.

There are many anecdotal cases of people curing their own cancer using this method. It is encouraged that you look further into this protocol to help you with a complete understanding of what other people are doing, many of whom have overcome their cancer with this protocol.

There is considerable information at the website of the National Cancer Research Foundation. In addition it is recommended that you join the Facebook groups to learn more and to be able to discuss with others:

According to those who have formulated the Cellect Protocol it includes the following:

  • adhering to a particular diet – see link here
  • no addition of supplements, vitamins, herb formulas, or other protocols to Cellect
  • no processed foods
  • no chemotherapy or radiation
  • a minimum of four servings of Cellect per day