Bill Hendrson’s Protocol has helped thousands of people throughout the world. Here are just a few of the testimonials and comments from people who have used the protocol. These have been taken from Bill’s own website which is also available for you to refer to for many more – click here.

Barney DarcheJanuary 8, 2014 Dear Bill,
Just thought I would let you know of my good luck this week. I went to see my doctor who cystyscoped me very thoroughly. He said he saw no indication of a tumor. How is that for a good report?
I have been on your protocol for about 4 months and I kept really close to everything you recommended in your book “Cure Cancer For $5.15 A Day.” I even threw in the asparagus treatment for the last month.
Thanks for your help in curing my bladder cancer. I can’t thank you enough.
Jeff O’Donnell
December 18, 2013
I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL) Mantle T-Cell in 2007 after a biopsy in the right groin. I did 21 rounds of radiation with no real problems.Then in 2012 I had my 5 year scan and they said the NHL showed up this time in left groin, left armpit and left jaw. They wanted to do 5 months of chemo and then stem cell transplant which would have been a month in the hospital and then 18 to 24 months on my butt to recover. I said no to stem cell right away but yes to chemo.On the Saturday before I was to start the chemo, which I was given no time to think over, my brother-in-law came to talk to me about Wayne Feltz. After speaking to Wayne on the phone for 10 minutes we agreed to meet him after reading Bill Henderson’s book.My wife and I met with Wayne for 3 ½ hours on Sunday night and after that it was an easy decision not to do the chemo and go ahead with the natural way. My first HCG test was 53 and now a little over a year into the program with diet change and a jawbone cavitation repaired, my HCG is now 51.8. Looking back over the last year it has been a great learning experience and I have absolutely no regrets.
Joyce and Bill Trucks
March 11, 2013
Hey Bill…
been watching your stuff and you’re the BEST. Amazing advancements since we cured Bill’s pancreatic cancer. BTW… he’s doing awesome. The past year we’ve migrated exclusively to energy medicine with staggering results. Anyway, just want to thank you for your encouragement 2+ years ago.
Peace. Joyce Trucks
Jerry and Nancy Tindel
March 11, 2013
Nancy and I have gone to the Nunnally-Freeman Dentists quite a few times and spent a few thousand dollars since you first recommended them to us. Dr. Freeman is doing the work on us. We are extraordinarily pleased!! We cannot thank you enough for recommending them to us.Also, we are very, very thankful for your recommending the Budwig Protocol to Nancy. She started it about a month before the surgeon did a lumpectomy on her, and finished it off with the pellets of radiation for a week. Two to three months after this was complete, the office did a blood test to check for the possibility of the re-occurrence of cancer. She scored the lowest of anyone they had ever tested. Thank you Dr. Budwig!You may remember we just live up the road in Austin. If you ever come to our city, let us know. We will treat you with whatever you want.We love and appreciate you so very much.
Jerry and Nancy Tindel
December 15, 2012
Going through chemotherapy and all the protocols of conventional medicine had a devastating effect on my well-being and that is why I searched intensively for a possible alternative to help address my health challenge.I can’t thank you enough for the dedication in your crusade. I am glad there are people like you who care enough to lead this kind of movement that will bring awareness about the truth on cancer and how it could be addressed in a non-invasive way. Your book has so much information with links that enhanced and expanded more avenues by which one could look at cancer not as a death sentence but merely a wake up call.Once again, thank you so much for your beautiful kind heart that you are sharing to the world which I know deep inside me is making a difference to peoples’ lives. There is no doubt that the knowledge you shared had taken a few “thorns of fear” (of cancer recurrence) out of me. Let me know how I could be of help to your crusade.
Gratitude and love,